10 Reasons to Be Fit

Why Do You Choose to Be Fit?

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The Reasons to be Fit Tumblr started in August 2011 and just one year later, it has inspired, entertained, and encouraged millions of people with its motivational posters. Whether you want to submit your own Reason or just peruse the archives, you’re guaranteed to find some “fitspiration!” We pulled together a few of our favorites, along with site founder Brandi’s selections for the best and worst reason. Plus, find out what she’s learned during the site’s debut.

An Idea is Born

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“One day I was going through different blogs that had only reasons to be thin. I always saw people talk about how those aren’t the reasons you should strive to be thin because some of them were completely unrealistic.”

Focus on Fitness

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“I just thought I would make a site for people who are focused on just becoming fit with more realistic things to strive for [than just being thin].” Brandi says.

It’s in My Blood

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“My father is an ex-Marine and he always wanted me to be healthy and be fit, so I was pretty much born into it!”

The Strangest Submission

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“[The strangest submission I ever got was] a reason that said to increase their chances of reproduction. I’m not sure if being fit has anything to do with someone’s chances of conceiving a child, but if it does that was new to me.”

Why I Needed a Reason

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“My friend Ann and I were lazy at one point, and we just got tired of being lazy around the house and decided to exercise more so we could get healthier.”

My Favorite Workout

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“I absolutely love running; being able to see the sun come up early in the morning is the best.”

The Blog Blows Up

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“My friend Ann helped me [come up] with the idea of Reasons to be Fit.” And now there are 718+ Reasons, submitted from all over the world!

First is the Worst (for Some)

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“One reason I didn’t find quite inspiring was ‘to be picked first in gym.’ Even though I don’t have to take it anymore, gym was never my forte and being picked first didn’t matter to me.”

My All-Time Favorite Reason

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“This is the most inspiring reason to me because I absolutely love the show The Walking Dead, and I know fitness is key when you’re trying to escape those suckers!”

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