7 Must-Follow Fitness Boards on Pinterest

“Healthy Me” by Paula Carangan

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What will you find on this board? Ten ways to reveal fab abs, Starbucks drinks under 200 calories, the secret to thinner thighs, the world’s fastest workout, and so much more. The hardest part is picking just one pin to inspire today’s workout.

“Fitness” by Inge Falappino

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This fitness-themed board is brimming with handy workout charts and how-to videos that are easy enough for even beginning exercisers to follow. And for more advanced gym-goers, there’s no shortage of ideas for new ways to challenge your body.

“Health & Fitness” by Lindsay Bray

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Inspiring quotes, funny graphics, and daily workout ideas fill this Pinterest board. The next time you feel like skipping your workout, just peruse this pinner’s picks for an extra surge of motivation.

“Fitness and Health” by Kate @26TL

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Featuring plenty of before and after weight loss photos, this Pinterest board has us amped to lace up our sneaks and start sweating. Follow this board, and you may feel the same!

“Visual Weight Loss Motivation” Julia Bernal

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It’s hard not to work out after seeing this photo! Follow this pinner for more get-to-the-gym incentives, including many more strong, confident women in incredible shape.

“Get in Shape” by Sandy Mennenga

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No time to visit multiple websites? This Pinterest board is your one-stop shop for fitness inspiration, healthy meal and snack ideas, awesome workout tips, and much more. You’ll find visual guides to everything from understanding your body for maximum weight-loss results (Are you a mesomorph?) to making this incredibly indulgent-looking (secretly healthy) chocolate cake that’s only 100 calories per slice!

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“Workouts” by Cathy Johnson

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This popular pinner curates a board that includes links to fab fitness articles (including our own featuring Nicole Scherzinger’s awesome workout!).

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