The Most Inspiring Weight Loss Success Stories of 2014

Julie Real

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Age: 32
Pounds Lost: 104
Weight Loss Tip: “We had an elliptical that sat unused in our garage for years. I started training on it for an hour a day while my girls napped.”

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Photo: Julie Real

Michelle Maigret-Lefstein

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Age: 45
Pounds Lost: 73
Weight Loss Tip: Michelle committed to running just twice a week on nonconsecutive days for 30 minutes, yoga, spin classes, and smaller portion sizes.

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Photo: Michelle Maigret-Lefstein

Paula Brahan

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Age: 42
Pounds Lost: 53
Weight Loss Tip: “I gave myself permission to eat anything I wanted as long as it fell into a certain calorie limit.”

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Photo: Paula Brahan

Susanna Kalnes

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Age: 31
Pounds Lost: 35
Weight Loss Tip: “After a heart scare, I took doctors’ advice to exercise like it was a written prescription and started hitting the gym at least four times a week.”

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Photo: Susanna Kalnes

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